Lost Ark’s New Europe West Server Eases Congestion, But Queues Remain

Lost Ark had a phenomenal launch and broke a bunch of Steam records, but going from a few hundred thousand to 1.3 million did a number on Lost Ark’s servers. Things have largely calmed down except in Europe where the European Central server is still getting slammed on a daily basis. Players are reporting long login queues and server lag that’s making Lost Ark basically unplayable.

Amazon Games promised to help alleviate some issues Lost Ark is having in Europe with a new European West server, which went online at the end of last week. That’s helped some, according to Amazon, but players are still reporting login queues and matchmaking issues.

"Given the complexity of the systems that have to work together, adding more capacity in the 'Europe Central' data center is not an option,” Amazon Games said in a statement to Eurogamer. “Instead, Smilegate and Amazon Games partnered to deploy a new data center for European players in just five days – 'Europe West' – to respond to the regional demand.

"Since opening four days ago, the new 'Europe West Region' data center now houses just under 20 percent of our European players and is growing every day. We know queue times are very frustrating for our players, and we are encouraged to see this new data center has already reduced peak queues by 48 percent. We're monitoring this number closely while continuously working to further improve queue times."

Long login queues are still an issue for European players, but at least one Reddit user has made a chart to show when you can expect to get through without a wait. Reddit user virtd made this handy chart showing which Lost Ark servers are generally safe from login queues while which ones will have you sitting in a line of tens of thousands.

In an update last week, Amazon Games also said that character transfers from one server to another just aren’t an option at the moment. Character transfers have only just started rolling out in Korea recently, but those transfers are done manually in a weekly batch. There’s also no cross-regional functionality, so once a transfer is done there’s no going back. Long story short, don’t expect transfers to make EU Central a better place to be anytime soon. Maybe even consider starting a new character on EU West.

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