Love Live! Advertisement Taken Down Due To Sexual Drawing Of Minor


In the world of manufactured anime idols, short skirts are a standard accessory. Most of the time, these magical garments remain loose and flowing just enough to prevent the eye from seeing anything too risque, but sometimes these idol groups contract an artist that goes for realism over fantasy.

Which is sort of what happened at the LaLaport Numazu Shopping Center. Last February, the shopping center and Love Live! Sunshine!! announced that Chika Takami, Love Live‘s fictional leader, would become the brand ambassador for Nishiura oranges, a specialty food item from the Numazu region.

This sort of thing happens all the time in Japan, so the story didn’t get much attention. What did get attention was Chika’s dress.

For whatever reason, Love Live! Sunshine‘s artist decided to go with a design that showed off an outline of Chika’s crotch despite the fact it was covered in what was ostensibly a skirt.

The poster drew widespread criticism on social media. Japanese actress and model Miho Fuji tweeted out a correction to the poster showing a more reasonably-sized dress that doesn’t provide a perfect outline of Chika’s body.

It should be noted that Chika in Live Love! Sunshine!! is a second-year academy student, which would put her at roughly 15.

Shortly after the advertisement went up in February, the Lalaport Namazu shopping center removed the poster last week citing “various circumstances.”

For those new to the whole concept of Love Live! Sunshine!!, it’s a multimedia project that revolves around 9 fictional school girls that become idols in order to keep their school from shutting down. Love Live! Sunshine!! launched in 2015 with music CDs and videos, and then a manga in 2016. The anime adaptation aired for two seasons starting in 2016, and a full-length film titled Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow aired in Japan Jan 2019.

You can still download the Love Live! School Idol Festival rhythm game on your mobile device if these short-skirted anime schoolgirls are your thing.

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