Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 – How To Defeat The Possessed Nurse

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Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 is not an easy game – despite it being somewhat forgiving in some aspects of its game design. This gets dialled up when the game starts throwing bosses at you – something it holds off on for quite some time. Most players should encounter the Possessed Nurse first, and that’s because she is gatekeeping the exit to the Asylum.

The Possessed Nurse was not always possessed of course, and you actually bump into her in her “regular” form every time you wander through the Asylum after a failed attempt. Once Possessed, however, she goes from a somewhat-helpful member of staff to a murderous, acid-throwing madwoman once all is said and done.

The Possessed Nurse’s Attacks

The Possessed nurse doesn’t actually have many attacks. She is very basic in practice but can be an absolute night in execution.

Acid ShotThe possessed Nurse fires a burst of fast-moving Acid at you. This deals moderate damage and then afflicts you with the Acid ailment.
Large Acid ShotThe possessed Nurse fires a large globule of Acid dealing moderate damage. This also afflicts you with the Acid ailment.

The Possessed Nurse attacks are a pain because they move quickly, can travel the length of the arena, and can be used off-screen giving you less time to react. Not only that, like most projectiles, both these attacks have a staggering amount of tracking. Strafing will rarely work, meaning the only counter here is to use a movement ability to dodge out of the way. If you are running with the Professor, his Shield is excellent at absorbing the hit and negating the Acid.

The Possessed Nurse’s Mechanics

The Possessed Nurse’s main mechanic is the number of enemies that accompany her in this fight – well that, and her love of Acid of course. There are numerous tanky enemies who will rush you the moment this fight starts. This gives the Possessed Nurse plenty of time to riddle you with acid burns as you desperately try to crowd control.

At the back of the arena, there are a bunch of Acid tentacles. Possessed Nurse will often hide back here. This forces short-ranged characters to deal with these before they can deal any reliable damage.

Finally, this battlefield is littered with explosive barrels. This is both a blessing and a curse. You can use this to damage enemies if you kite effectively. You can also use them to deal burst damage to Possessed Nurse as she stands close to these when she attacks.

Which Character To Use

For characters, we advise either the Detective or the Professor. The Detective can quickly dispatch the enemy horde with a Grenade, and his Dodge Roll allows him to effectively avoid the Possessed Nurse's damage. If you have access to a Winchester or a Tommy Gun, this greatly helps the Detective deal with the Possessed Nurse.

Professor on the other hand will struggle against the hordes as his AOE damage is nonexistent with his base kit. It would be wise to use the explosive barrels to kill them quickly before moving on to Possessed Nurse. The Professor has access to a decent weapon with good range, letting him engage with the Possessed Nurse without getting close. Not only that, his Shield is very good at preventing Acid damage.

Battle Strategy

The strategy here is pretty simple – kill off her goons and then focus on her directly. The trick is to have pretty darn good reflexes and avoid her Acid at all costs. If you are running as Detective or Witch, this means you need to be hot on that Roll/Teleport button. If you are rolling up as the Professor, you want to activate your Shield to absorb the hit, and then deactivate it periodically to restore your Energy.

Killing her minions is not too difficult if you have Bones or Grenades, and if you have neither, then the barrels in the arena make great substitutes. Killing the Possessed Nurse is not too hard as her HP is not high. She does have a tendency to move around a lot, so a bit of leading and aiming will be required.

With Possessed Nurse down, you are free to progress.

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