Lucy Dreaming: Chapter 5 Walkthrough – How To Find The Ferret Head And Solve The Murder

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  • Check Lucy's Email
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  • How To Play The Alphamax Video Cassette Tape

Once you've solved how to break out of the nightmare coffin, Lucy Dreaming has no more grisly nightmares to offer you! The last section of the game takes place in the conscious world – no dream hopping is required.

We've got a very compelling lead – we know that the missing ferret head that Fergus Fig wore at the time of his death had a video camera inside it. There's a good chance that it recorded the moment of his death, and if we want to find out exactly what happened, we need to find that tape.

Check Lucy's Email

Upon waking up, Lucy's laptop will beep. Check out the new email – it instructs you to speak to Curly, the man you saw silently drinking at the pub earlier.

Head to the pub and ask the landlord where you can find Curly. This will add Figginton School to your map. Go there now.

You'll find Curly here, cleaning up some graffiti. Try to talk to him, and he'll reveal that he's not actually deaf. Exhaust his dialogue to get some new information and some pretty shocking reveals.

He'll also task you with obtaining his plunger, which is apparently underneath Lucy's house. Further conversation will reveal that there's an access chute somewhere in the house, and you should find the house's blueprints to see where it could be.

How To Get Underneath The House

Go to the library and talk to the librarian – she'll tell you that you need to find the planning application ledger volume 42. Head to the back of the library and, if you haven't already done so, return the Dictionary. Use your Library Card to summon the ledger.

Pick it up, and you'll get the Blueprints. Examine them and click on the rooms in turn – specifically, click on the room to the bottom right, next to the kitchen. Also, examine the void underneath.

Head back to Lucy's house and walk over to the left, where the badger head is. Examine the wall, and Lucy will reveal a small security pad with a keyboard on it.

Examine the security pad and enter the password: Purrcy. We know it's this as there's a cat icon in the bottom right, and we know that Purrcy is Lucy's Mum's favourite pet.

Note that the V and the U keys look very similar.

A doorway will reveal itself. Head through.

Exploring Underneath The House

The secret room holds many things to examine, and Lucy won't progress until you've examined them all:

  • Examine the last will and testament on the table.
  • Examine and pick up the ferret head. You'll get the Alphamax Video Cassette.

  • Examine the rug to learn that it's nailed down.
  • Pick up the Hammer and use it on the rug.
  • Pick up the rug.
  • Use the padlock to find out that it's not actually locked.
  • Open the trap door.

Head down the ladder.

Move all the way to the right, examining the rides as you pass them if you wish. In front of the first ride, pick up the Iron Railing. At the far end of the hallway you'll reach a door – use the Iron Railing to open it.

Inside the toilet is the plunger you're looking for. Pick it up and then get out of there.

Head back to the school to return the plunger to Curly. Lucy will trade the plunger to unlock the school's entrance to find a TV that can play the tape.

You cannot leave to explore Figgington after this, so if you want to explore the town and maybe get some badges, do so now.

How To Play The Alphamax Video Cassette Tape

Once inside the school, enter the Geography classroom. Here is where you'll find the TV that can play the tape – but it's not plugged in. The plug cable is just one pixel too short, so you need to find a way to move the TV trolley, which has a broken wheel.

Use the Badger Eye with the trolley to fix the wheel. Push it with the Use action, and you'll be able to plug the TV in.

Put the Alphamax Video Cassette into the Alphamax player. The only thing left to do is to get the remote, which is currently out of reach on the shelf to the right. First, examine the pen pot on the drawers and pick up the Screwdriver.

Leave the classroom for now and walk to the right – the rightmost locker here is Lucy's. Open it and pick up the Oxbow Lakes Book inside. While you're here, use the Screwdriver with the panel on the left that connects Lucy's locker to Arni's. Pick up the Batteries you find.

Back in the classroom, start placing books on the floor underneath the remote. You'll need to place the Oxbow Lakes Book, the Baking Book, and the Joke Book. With that done, you can pick up the Remote Control.

Examine the Remote to get a close-up of the back – use the Screwdriver to unscrew the battery compartment, and then use the Batteries to power the dead remote. Reattach the cover with the Screwdriver.

To complete the game, use the Remote Control with the Alphamax video player.

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