Maneater Bites Out A Free Next-Gen Upgrade On PS5 And Series X

There may not be too many next-gen games out this holiday season to coincide with the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but plenty of third-party developers are eager to give users upgraded experiences. In addition to the numerous other titles that support things like Microsoft’s “Smart Delivery” feature, publisher Tripwire Interactive has confirmed that its open-world shark game Maneater will be getting a free upgrade for next-generation devices.

Revealed on the official Twitter account for the game, this new update will be available for the launch of each console and will feature ray-tracing support, 4K resolution output, 60 fps playback, and even Dualsense compatibility on PS5. There’s said to be “more” to the upgrade, but anything is honestly nice considering this is gratis.

If you’ve opted for the Xbox Series S instead of the more powerful Series X, Tripwire promises that Maneater will still receive some benefits. You’ll see an increased framerate and some additional graphical effects. The best part for Xbox One owners is that your saves and achievements will transfer over.

Sadly, the same couldn’t happen for PS5. With regards to Sony’s ecosystem, PS4 owners will be eligible for a free upgrade but will need to restart their progress on the new console. If trophies are your thing, an additional trophy list with an extra platinum will be available. If you had purchased the physical copy on either system, you can pop that into your console on launch day and download all of the improvements.

If you’re a PC player, Tripwire isn’t forgetting about you. While this new version won’t launch alongside its console counterparts, an update in early 2021 will bring all of the additional new features to the PC port. This will include ray-tracing, true 4K textures, and presumably Dualsense compatibility.

Along with all of this new info, Tripwire is teasing players with “more Maneater” in the future. Whether this takes the form of DLC or a full-fledged sequel, fans of this wacky open-world title won’t need to wait long for more.  That’s certainly some positive news for this otherwise dreary year. We could all use more Maneater in our lives.

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