Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Music Tracks Leak, Hinting At Future Courses

Five years on from its launch alongside the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe got some very unexpected DLC. Eight tracks from the series' past with the promise of five more waves to come, each bringing another eight courses to the game. The second wave of tracks arrived this week, and a datamine of the new update may have revealed what's next.

The datamine comes courtesy of recordheader (via Reddit), the results of which were posted on YouTube by BL, which you can check out below. Something known as prefetch files were added to the game via this week's update, and each of those files includes a snippet from music tracks connected to various courses from Mario Kart's past.

The snippets are only a few seconds long and are designed to play while the full song loads. However, even though most probably wouldn't be able to identify which tracks the songs are connected to based on the short previews discovered in the datamine, more dedicated Mario Kart fans have already managed to make the connections. Below is a list of all the tracks discovered via the prefetch files, so if you want them to be a surprise like Waluigi's Pinball was, stop reading here.

  • London Loop (Tour)
  • Peach Gardens (DS)
  • Boo Lake/Broken Pier (GBA)
  • Rock Rock Mountain (3DS)
  • Berlin Byways (Tour)
  • Waluigi Stadium/Wario Colosseum (GameCube)
  • Merry Mountain
  • Rainbow Road (3DS)
  • Amsterdam Drift (Tour)
  • Singapore Speedway (Tour)
  • Los Angeles Laps (Tour)
  • Sunset Wilds (GBA)
  • Bangkok Rush (Tour)
  • Vancouver Velocity (Tour)
  • Maple Treeway (Wii)

Just 15 of the 32 tracks that are yet to be officially revealed by Nintendo, so if you have made it this far, there are still some surprises to look forward to. It also isn't nailed on that these will be part of the Booster Course Pass. It does seem likely though, as the first eight tracks on the list match up with a previous leak. The Booster Course Pass costs $24.99, or if you are an Expansion Pack subscriber, you get the new tracks at no additional cost.

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