Mario Kart Tour Adds The Peach Vs Daisy Tour On February 9

The Peach vs Daisy Tour is scheduled to go live on February 9 at 10pm ET in Mario Kart Tour. This will see the introduction of another Team Rally event, with Team Peach facing off against Team Daisy.

A reveal trailer for the tour didn’t provide many details for the upcoming event, but it did reveal which team each racer in the game belongs to. Join a race as any variant of Peach, Mario, or Yoshi and you’ll be riding for Team Peach. Opt for Bowser, Luigi, Boo, or Waluigi and you’ll be on Team Daisy. Then, as you race around each track you’ll be seeking out Team Tokens – whichever team gets the most will be rewarded with unique items and an in-game badge.

If you want to join in on the fun before it starts on February 9, the Mario Kart Tour Twitter account is running a retweet campaign until February 7. Once the tour goes live, players will get in-game coins for every retweet of the reveal trailer. Right now, that amounts to more than 4,000 coins – not a bad deal.

The current Cat Tour kicked off on January 27, bringing new karts and cat-themed racers to the roster. Nintendo hasn’t revealed the lineup of new gear coming to the Peach vs Daisy Tour, although we’re sure both Peach and Daisy will be involved in some manner.

Mario Kart Tour might be one of the most recent games to join the Mario Kart roster, but many players are still diving into older titles for a nostalgic kick. In fact, earlier this year one player became the first to ever pull off an Ultra Shortcut on the Wii’s version of Rainbow Road. Thousands of players had attempted the stunt over the years, but all of them had come up short – until now.

Similar feats aren’t as common in Mario Kart Tour, but it’s still a fun way to enjoy a bit of kart racing while out and about. And with a massive roster that only continues to grow, it’s quickly become a staple in the mobile marketplace.

Mario Kart Tour’s Cat Tour is scheduled to end in just a few days, with the Peach vs Daisy Tour starting up on February 9.

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