Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer’s Three Ways To Play: What Are They & How Do They Work?

Mario Kart Tour‘s much-discussed multiplayer mode finally arrives this weekend. Here are the three different ways in which users will be able to play.

When Mario Kart Tour launched back in September, many of its players were disappointed to discover there was no multiplayer function. Nintendo didn’t even offer up any hints as to when the feature would arrive, revealing nothing more than it would be “coming soon.” Almost six months later, multiplayer Mario Kart Tour is finally here.

It launches in the US on Sunday, March 8, at which time Tour players will have three multiplayer modes available to them. With Friends or Others Nearby, Standard Races, and Gold Races. There aren’t many big differences between the three modes. Which one players choose will depend on who they want to race against and if they subscribe to the Gold Pass or not.

With Friends Or Others Nearby

Friends or Others Nearby does exactly what it says on the tin. Players will be able to connect with people in the proximity and pick their own rules. These races obviously won’t count toward players’ grades and online ranking. It’s also not clear how nearby friends have to be. Whether they need to be sat right alongside you or if players can connect to someone at the other end of the street.

Standard Races

Standard Races run into no such issues. These are the races where players are lumped in with whoever else is in the lobby at that exact same time no matter where they might be in the world. All standard races will be 100cc but the item slot rule will change twice daily. For one half of the day, racers will have default items slots, and for the other half, they will have two item slots. Racers will be graded from E to A and ascend up through the grades based on performance.

Gold Races

The final option will be Gold Races for players who have a Gold Pass. Gold Race rules will change four times a day. Two rulesets will be 150cc and the other two will be 200cc. Each speed will have a default item slot and two item slot rule set. Gold Pass racers will also have the chance to go all the way up to an S grade as opposed to just an A. Perhaps this newest perk will be what encourages some racers to opt for the Gold Pass.

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