Mark DeCarlo Has A Discord Server Dedicated To Hugh Neutron And The Hugh Nation

It happened: we managed to will Hugh Neutron into Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. It's an impressive victory – especially considering that he's the first Jimmy Neutron rep to make it into the fighter – but it's one we couldn't have made without the support from his voice actor.

Mark DeCarlo has, unsurprisingly, been celebrating the win with his fans over on Twitter. But as it happens, that isn't the only way that the #HughNation can meet like-minded HughHeads. DeCarlo actually has his own Discord server, the Mark DeCarlo Hughniverse. Invites are open, and it's full of love, appreciation, and a whole lot of shitposting centred around the main man himself. There are even scheduled hangouts, with the dedicated community of Hugh fans watching movies and following Nick Brawl updates together.

Over on his popular Twitter account, DeCarlo has reshared the join link in celebration of Hugh's upcoming Nick Brawl appearance. He was confirmed to be joining the platform fighter last week, alongside Jenny Wakeman and Rocko.

Ever since then, DeCarlo has joined his Hugh Nation in hyping up his upcoming launch. He's been sharing memes, fan art, and fan videos constantly, clearly loving the role he played years ago.

If you used to watch Jimmy Neutron back in the day, it's well worth joining the Hughniverse server. There will even be a Q&A with Jimmy's voice actor Debi Derryberry tomorrow at 11:30pm BST, so there's a lot more to see than just the shitposts.

Hugh Neutron's specific release date hasn't been confirmed. However, we know he's set to join the roster this summer, with Rocko being added in autumn. Jenny is already available to purchase now.

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