Marvel Snap Will Soon Let You Play Against Your Friends

Marvel Snap is making waves at the moment on mobile, very swiftly becoming one of the most downloaded titles on your preffered app store. That means there's a high probability that one of your friends is also playing Marvel Snap, and you've been bad mouthing each other's card-slinging abilities safe in the knowledge that you'll never be able to find out who's best since the game doesn't allow players to pick who they come up against. Just me?

Well, that looks like it's set to change pretty soon, as Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner revealed to the Washington Post that the promised Battle Mode that lets you take on your friends will be available at some point this year. Second Dinner doesn't provide a specific date, but considering there's only two months left of 2022, the release is pretty soon.

At the moment, the only way you can play Marvel Snap is via the game's default Ranked mode, but this new mode will let you try out an unnranked experience with buddies. It will differ a little bit from standard play, as you will need to whittle down your opponent's health points instead of capturing locations to win. Similarly, the Snap mechanic will also change in this mode, as instead of dishing out extra ranking points you'll be given health points instead. So, consider this a warning to all you first turn Snappers out there.

If you do get battered by your friend later this year, just be glad you're not going up against YouTube streamer Bynx, who recently managed to max out the amount of points you can get at a single location. With certain card placements and a whole load of mathematics, Bynx figured out how to hit a total of 2,147,483,647 points, which is pretty difficult to come back from even if you are saving Hulk for the final turn.

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