Masahiro Sakurai Posts His Final Daily Smash Screenshot After Almost 3 Years

Masahiro Sakurai has been posting Smash Ultimate screenshots every single day since the game launched in December 2019. After warning fans his photo well was running dry, the Smash director confirmed today that the image he shared on Twitter this morning was the last one, bringing the curtain down on an almost three-year streak.

No matter how many hours you've spent playing Smash, no one knows the games better than its director. That's why the daily screenshots Sakurai has been sharing are some of the best you'll see anywhere. What's even more amazing is all of the photos Sakurai has shared were taken before any of us had even played Smash Ultimate for the first time.

Sakurai kicked off August by revealing he was almost out of screenshots to share with Smash fans, predicting he would run out of daily images before the end of the month. That prediction has been proved accurate. “This concludes the daily Smash Ultimate screens I've been posting since Dec. 2019,” Sakurai tweeted today. The end of an era, but the director didn't close the door on his daily ritual entirely.

“I've been thinking about starting something new. (This time it won't be daily, though.),” Sakurai added. No word on what exactly he will be sharing, presumably on a pretty regular basis, from now on, but we don't have long to wait to find out what he has up his sleeve. Sakurai signed off by tweeting if people want to know what project will be replacing his daily screenshots, they should check his timeline at the same time tomorrow.

Not only has it been three years since Smash Ultimate's launch, but it has almost been an entire year since its roster was officially completed via the addition of Sora. Sakurai revealed right after Sora's addition that Smash's DLC was like making an entirely spearate game in terms of workload. No wonder he remains unsure whether he should make another Smash game.

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