Mass Effect GBA Demake Trailer Recreates Virmire With 32-Bit Charm

Mass Effect was a great game, and the Legendary Edition made it even better. Just about the only thing Legendary Edition didn't do was demake it for older, handheld consoles such as the Game Boy Advance. But now we can imagine what such a game might look like courtesy of the 64 Bits YouTube channel.

64 Bits is currently making a series of videos that imagine classic games but demade for even more classic consoles. They've already remade Skyrim as a handheld electronic game, Minecraft for the original NES, and God of War for the PlayStation 1. Their most recent video, Advance Wars, reimagines the original Mass Effect for the 32-bit Game Boy Advance.

One of the key titles for Game Boy Advance was Advance Wars, a turn-based tactics game with an extensive campaign, so Advance Effect is naturally a turn-based tactics version of Mass Effect. As with Advance Wars, the story is told via character text at the bottom of the screen, while combat has allies and enemies take turns shooting at each other.

Or using their special abilities. 64 Bits cleverly has Kaiden use Pull to bring an enemy Geth closer to the team, while Liara uses Singularity to group several Geth and Krogan together for Sheppard to detonate his grenade. He later calls in the Normandy to perform an airstrike just like a commander would in Advance Wars.

Sadly, Advance Wars is just a video and will never be a real game, but the key art at the beginning of the video is a real poster. You can get it from 64 Bits’ online store here.

In other Mass Effect news, a modder is bringing an even more diverse cast of aliens to the original Mass Effect. The LE1 Diversification Project replaces many of the human NPCs with aliens alongside better gender balance. It even adds female Turians.

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