Massive Elden Ring leak could spoil the whole of the game’s story

If you’re looking forward to From Software’s Elden Ring you better be careful about spoilers, as dataminers hack last month’s beta.

The stories in FromSoftware games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne are never the easiest thing to follow and are usually only become somewhat clear after months of debate and examination by fans. That’s all part of the fun but unfortunately dataminers seem intent on speedrunning the entire process.

Thanks to hackers having previously found a way to jailbreak the PlayStation 4, allowing it to run their own software, dataminers have been able to regain access to the recent Elden Ring closed network test and trawl through its files.

As always seems to happen in these cases, despite the network test ostensibly only featuring a small section of the full game it’s turned out it’s filled with data files that describe currently unseen elements in surprising detail.

The dataminers have discovered over 3,000 voice files, dialogue text, quest data, and character models that allows you to peace together not only the game’s plot but also how the endgame content will work.

We’re not going to repeat any of the information here but instead warn you that if someone wants to spoil Elden Ring for you it’s going to be increasingly easy for them to do so, as the leak makes its way across the internet.

Elden Ring is out relatively soon, on February 25, but that’s an infeasible length of time to try and stay off the internet. Although at the very least you’d be advised to avoid anywhere dedicated to FromSoftware and their games.

Of course, if you don’t mind the spoilers, that means they’ll be easily to find, although it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s unclear how old the data is – especially as it had nothing to do with the network test – and things may not be portrayed the way it’s implied in the final game.

The backstory behind Elden Ring has famously been written by Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin; although despite what you might think he was not responsible for the delay of the game, as his involvement was completed some time ago.

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