Megan Fox Teams Up With Black Desert Online, For Some Reason

Hollywood star Megan Fox has expanded on her cameo appearance for the popular MMORPG Black Desert, appearing in recent promotional material controlling a sorceress based on her likeness. Fox, who is best known for her work in Jennifer’s Body and the Transformers franchise, has been mounting a quiet comeback after being in a string of critically maligned films. She’s previously lent her talents in previous Black Desert promotional material.

The reason behind Fox’s reappearance stems from a recent update that now allows cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One users. Fox also appeared in the trailer for the game’s release on the PS4, but her involvement is much more pronounced this time around. While this is done to no doubt boost the presence of the home console ports, Black Desert’s PC users have been enjoying a more robust experience, something that cross-play won’t make up for. The mobile version of the game also remains incredibly popular as well.

The recent trailer comes shortly after Pearl Abyss rolled out the latest update, which includes the cross-play functionality. In a spirited and somewhat campy performance, Fox is partaking in a game while controlling the sorceress character. Considering Fox’s most recent starring role was the Korean War drama The Battle of Jangsari, the Korea-based Pearl Abyss sought to strike while the iron was hot and get a publicity boost from Fox’s presence in the region.

Black Desert is also on sale on both home console platforms with an added bonus if purchased before March 18. PS4 players can get the game at a 25% discount and receive an in-game discount of 10% for the game’s microtransactions, called “Pearls,” Xbox users can take advantage of a steeper discount with the game priced at 50% off and a 20% break on the microtransactions.

One thing Megan Fox left out is that cross-play will only work between PS4 and Xbox users, leaving players on the PC and mobile platforms in the dust. Aside from that, those looking to get into the game should still consider the PC version available through Steam or just stick with Black Desert Mobile.

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