Meta Teases Horizon Will Get A 'Web Version'

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth referenced “Horizon’s web version” launching in future.

Horizon is Meta’s brand for its suite of “metaverse” social VR apps: Horizon Worlds, Horizon Workrooms, Horizon Venues, and the soon-to-launch Horizon Home. Each uses your Meta Avatar and each currently requires an active Facebook account for access.

Bosworth confirmed to UploadVR he was referring to Horizon Worlds. He made the remark in a Twitter thread defending Meta’s 47% take of virtual item sales on the platform. Worlds works similarly to Rec Room, allowing users to create their own social games and experiences inside VR by using controllers to place & manipulate shapes, and using a visual scripting system to add dynamic functionality.

That 47% take is a combination of the 30% Quest platform commerce fee and the Horizon fee, which is 25% of the remainder. Bosworth referenced “When Horizon’s web version launches” to point out that on the web, an open protocol which has no inherent commerce fee, only the 25% Horizon fee would apply.

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