Metal Gear Revengeance X Gordon Freeman Crossover Is Exactly What Half-Life 3 Should Be

I don’t know if Half-Life 3 is ever coming out. Valve has been extremely hesitant to return to Half-Life for a proper sequel, and outside of Alyx setting the benchmark for VR games, there’s really no sign that Half-Life 3 is being developed. But if Valve isn’t working on Half-Life 3, then it should just contract the job to PlatinumGames so they could make it into an over-the-top action game like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

For those who haven’t played, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance came out as the quirkily named Metal Gear spinoff featuring everyone’s favorite child soldier turned cyborg ninja, Raiden. In true Platinum fashion, the game features over-the-top action sequences where you slice and dice enemy soldiers, tanks, and even entire Metal Gears into tiny pieces, sucking their mechanical life force to reinforce your own health like some sort of futuristic vampire.

The whole game is utterly ludicrous, featuring a set of preposterous villains and a killer soundtrack that make every boss fight into an experience. But nothing really compares to the first five minutes of Revengeance where Raiden slices his way through several Metal Gear Rays to prove just how much of a badass he is.

As spotted by PC Gamer, YouTube Komegatze recently made this Revengeance x Half-Life crossover video where Raiden is replaced by Gordon Freeman and Metal Gear is replaced by a giant Xen walker. What you see is the best 40 seconds of Revengeance's opening sequence but with Freeman driving his iconic crowbar through the walker as Jamie Christopherson's "Rules of Nature" plays in the background.

I may be in the minority here, but if Valve made Half-Life 3 like Revengeance, I think it’d be the best Half-Life game ever made. And I’m at least not entirely alone. Revengeance has recently posted its highest concurrent player count on Steam since the game's 2013 release thanks to the popularity of Jetstream Sam.

Whether you want Platinum to do an action Half-Life spinoff or not, you can show your support for Half-Life and your desire for more Half-Life games on August 14. That's when organizers of the #RememberFreeman movement are asking fans to log in to play the original Half-Life in an effort to convince Valve to finally get to work on Half-Life 3.

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