Metal: Hellsinger – How To Defeat The Red Judge Aspect In Nihil

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We hope that you’re not tired of fighting Red Juge Aspects in Metal: Hellsinger because Nihil presents two at the same time. There’s even a surprise as you progress through the battle. This fight can be one of the more chaotic ones in the game, so it’s important to go knowing what you can find in it.

The snowy hell of Nihil comes with a duo boss and also the last type of enemy you’ll meet. Let’s go over everything you should know about them in this guide.

Nihil’s Red Judge Aspect Overview

Before reaching the end of the level, you’ll meet an enemy called Void Stalker. This is a blue creature that represents a goat and has electric attacks. It throws you two types of projectiles: one big that goes slowly to your position, and a quick line of smaller ones that fly in a straight line. The Void Stalker also has a move that creates a blue circle on the ground that will get bigger after a moment.

Moving to the arena in which you’ll meet the boss, this is one of the simpler ones, with no extra dangers, some red and green crystals around, and a lot of walls and space to use. You’ll need them because the fight against Nihil’s boss will require your best moving skills. Two aspects will be floating on the arena, but only one of them will be vulnerable to your attacks — the creature with blue eyes.

You’ll realize which one gets damaged by looking at the red health bar on the top center of the screen or, more quickly, by seeing if the enemy drops numbers when getting shot.

Fortunately, this battle isn’t as rough as it could have been at first because only one of the aspects will throw a good amount of projectiles. The other one will be throwing fireballs at a much lower pace and quantity, so it should be easier to avoid. However, when reaching the stun state, both will shoot multiple fireballs in all directions.

Don’t forget that, even when stunned, only one of these will receive damage. Its head will shine when being shot.

But that’s not it. This aspect is so metal that it will create a third copy when its health is running low. Things will get intense because all of them will be able to throw projectiles at you at the same time, and there will be regular enemies filling the screen, too.

How To Defeat The Double Boss In Nihil

When entering the arena, the most urgent thing that you should do is to locate the version of the boss that you can hurt. Pay attention to their faces: one will have glowing blue eyes (the one you want), while the other will have green ones. Once you have achieved that, try to follow your target’s location at all times, so you don’t waste bullets and time on the other.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check the other one from time to time, especially to see when fireballs will be flying your way, but the blue eyes one is the main focus.

As for weapons, you can choose the two that you like the most for this hell. The bosses will get close and away through the fight, and you won’t have any instances of fearing an AoE attack — although using the sword and being near their special attack are wrong calls.

When this Red Judge Aspect is getting stunned, it’s recommended that you get as far away from the two copies as possible. If you have a wall around you, even better. The barrage of projectiles won’t go directly to your position, but there’ll be so many of them that it will be pretty hard to avoid them when nearby.

As the wave of regular enemies appears, change to Paz and focus on one Marionnette to perform a Slaughter in case you need healing. There are also green crystals, as already mentioned, but these are limited. Apart from healing, try to exterminate the Void Stalker as soon as it appears because its attacks can be too much to handle considering all the other projectiles on screen.

Saving a weapon’s Ultimate is a good strategy for this, as this enemy will require a couple of shots even at Fury x16.

When the three flying heads appear, they will most likely move to a side of the arena each. The only goal in your mind here should be paying attention to the one throwing the most quantity of projectiles at once, and shooting the aspect with blue eyes. Dashing and a bit of jumping will be key here but don’t worry too much about receiving one projectile or two. Remember of the green crystals around, and to shoot only the correct head when their all stunned.


Beating the triple boss will get you the last Hit Streak Boon as a reward. This is the Explosive Slaughters Boon, which will make your Slaughters create an explosion in Hit Streak 30.

Also, you’ll unlock the next Hell, Acheron, and three Torment to test your skills: Ultimate Mastery: II, Slaughter Mastery: II, and Giantslayer: III.

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