Microsoft’s xCloud gunning for GeForce Now with PC games on TV via Xbox

Sources are claiming that Microsoft’s xCloud service will allow players to stream their PC games onto their TVs via the Xbox console.

Microsoft’s streaming service, Project xCloud, may still be in the early stages, but it seems to have some interesting new prospects already planned.

According to journalist Brad Sams on YouTube, Microsoft intends to incorporate a feature similar to Nvidia’s own GeForce Now service.

Currently, xCloud allows users who have access to the preview to stream games to their Android devices, with plans to bring it to Windows 10 PCs later in the year.

But apparently, it will also give players the option to stream their PC games, be they from Steam or the Epic Games Store, to other devices like tablets and, potentially, TVs.

This means players will be able to play their PC games in their living room via their Xbox console.

‘Microsoft is working on that exact same technology and it is coming,’ said Sams, ‘I would expect them to announce it hopefully soon. I just know that Microsoft has the technology for where you can play a game on your PC and stream it across xCloud to any type of device.’

The beta preview for xCloud is still currently available in the UK, the US, Canada, and South Korea. To take part, though, you must have an Android 6.0 device or newer, which has at least Bluetooth version 4.0.

iOS users can register for a preview so long as their device is running on at least iOS 13.0 but they will only have access to one game – Halo: The Master Chief Collection – as opposed to the 50+ games available to Android users.

Project xCloud is expected to become available to the general public later this year.

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