Minecraft Legends Aiming For Spring 2023 Release

In the latest trailer presented during Minecraft Live, Minecraft Legends' launch window has been updated from a vague "2023" to now read "Spring 2023", meaning that it'll likely release fairly early next year.

Minecraft Live is currently ongoing, promising to reveal a brand new mob coming to the game from a fan vote, new items, new events, and more. Although it's mostly focused on content coming to the main version of Minecraft, it also branched out a little bit to show off another ga

One of the big reveals of the showcase was a new trailer for Minecraft Legends, a new game from Mojang that has players exploring the world in third-person and with more tactical gameplay reminiscent of a real-time strategy game. The trailer shown was a cinematic one, taking us through the world of Legends and showing the world before it was invaded.

The trailer also seems to tease the game's main villain, who is shown to be some kind of alien squid. Most importantly of all, the trailer also revealed a new launch window for Minecraft Legends, which is now dated for "Spring 2023" instead of just 2023. With that in mind, it seems likely that we'll be getting Legends fairly early in the year, and that development is progressing fairly smoothly.

Although a reveal window was the highlight of Minecraft Live, it wasn't the only thing shown off. We also got to see the most in-depth look at the game so far through a gameplay demo, which highlighted a variety of new features. The gameplay started off by showing the player riding the Regal Tiger, a new Mob introduced in Legends that the player can ride throughout the game.

We then get to see the Well of Fate, the spawning point for players that gives them the first three tools in the game for them to use, including the Banner of Courage to inspire friendly mobs to join you, a Lute for attracting Allays, and the Flame of Creation for spawning creatures.

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