Minecraft Preview Shows Ray-Tracing Support On Xbox

RTX finally came to Minecraft in 2020 on PC but new-gen console owners were left waiting. Until now. The new Minecraft Preview, which is specifically optimised for Xbox Series X/S, now supports ray-tracing, pointing to an imminent new-gen update.

The news comes courtesy of reporter Tom Warren who showed off Minecraft RTX in a new video on Twitter. You can see that he boots the game up from his Xbox dashboard and then toggles ray-tracing in the video settings before the entire game's lighting radically changes. However, while RTX is coming to Xbox, upscaling isn't enabled just yet.

Right now, there's no footage of RTX on PS5, but as the update is coming to Xbox, it's a safe bet to assume it'll come to all new-gen hardware, but nothing is set in stone just yet. The biggest hit you'll see with RTX, as shown in the video, is on render distance, meaning that you won't be able to see detail as far away without performance tanking, but you will get real-time reflections rendered in-game.

Aside from RTX, the Minecraft snapshot from earlier this month added frogs and new wood blocks, as well as a new biome and 3D Directional Audio. Minecraft is gearing up for new-gen with all the bells and whistles, catching up to its PC counterpart.

However, if you're on PC, you can only get RTX officially through the Bedrock version – Java doesn't support it. But with the Preview build, you can toggle ray-tracing and see your worlds in a literal new light. That wooden shack doesn't look so bad anymore, eh?

In other Minecraft news, some dedicated fans are recreating the entirety of the UK from Newcastle to London. It's an ambitious project pooling together dozens of volunteers – if you wanna join in to make your hometown, you can apply. Or you can boot up Minecraft Preview on Xbox and stare at glass for hours. Your call.

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