Minecraft Update 2.05 download patch notes for PS4, Xbox, PC players

A new Minecraft update has been released for all versions of the game on March 3, 2020, bringing the game up to version 2.05.

This means that PS4, Xbox, PC and all other platforms will be required to download the new update.

Thankfully, it won't require too much space, taking up just 160 MB to install.

It's only small because, from the looks of things, this update isn't adding any massive features to the game, but instead is simply resolving some in-game bugs and crashes that players have been experiencing.

Unfortunately, since the updates are relatively minor, Mojang hasn't gone into too much depth with their patch notes, simply telling players that the new download improves "Minor bug and crash fixes."

Looking ahead, Minecraft fans are still awaiting the highly anticipated Minecraft Nether update as the next big DLC expansion to the game.

The dev team at Mojang still hasn't announced an official release date for this huge Nether update, which would bring the game up to v1.16.

However, those interested in getting a sneak peek can play the games latest 'snapshot' a kind of early release.

The first snapshot for 1.16, the "Nether Update" arrived earlier February and contains new biomes, blocks, and a fancy new ore called "ancient debris".

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