MLB Champions mobile game gets big 2.0 update

Lucid Sight has launched a big 2.0 update for its MLB Champions mobile game, which takes a big swing at using blockchain technology to entice gamers.

The Los Angeles company hopes that gamers who miss the physical Major League Baseball season will get their fix with virtual ball games instead.

Blockchain is a secure and transparent ledger technology that serves as the underpinning of cryptocurrencies, and Los Angeles-based Lucid Sight uses blockchain to uniquely identify rare items for its collectible games.

The update also introduces updated MLB player rosters reflecting exciting off-season moves, new rewards, updated MLB Digital Collectible Figures, and an updated web marketplace for players to transact with each other.

Officially licensed from Major League Baseball and MLB Players, MLB Champions weaves collecting, tapping, competitive player-vs-player gameplay, trading, and a peer-to-peer marketplace with MLB players, stats, and events. Players can download MLB Champions for free on the iOS and Google Play app stores.

Above: MLB Champions lets you own and collect characters.

CEO Randy Saaf said in a statement that the game combines competitive player-vs-player gameplay, digital collecting, and a peer-based marketplace that is unique among baseball games. He believes the game will appeal to both casual and hard-core baseball fans, especially as we all patiently wait for the start of the 2020 MLB season.

Baseball has a rich history of collecting, fans buying and selling collectibles to each other, fantasy, and deep team fandom. MLB Champions celebrates this affinity. In the game, users start with a full roster of their favorite team, then train their players in idle-tapper gameplay, and ultimately compete in player-vs-player simulation games with rewards ranging from in-game currency to more valuable Figures with rare attributes. As users earn more Figures they can upgrade their rosters, climb the leaderboards, compete with other teams, and increase or improve their collections.

In the game, you can pick your favorite team, build your roster, train and play ball. You build your collection and upgrade your rosters to compete at the highest level. If you climb to the top of the leaderboard, you can collect rewards such as one-of-a-kind, holiday-themed bat and glove combos and unique bases like gold, silver, fireworks, and lava. Players can compete against other fans and trade.

Lucid Sight has 30 employees and it has raised $11 million.

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