Mobile Game, World War Doh, Is Real-Time Strategy Madness

With a name like World War Doh, the latest real-time strategy game from Jam City doesn’t take itself too seriously. The action takes place on the fictional Planet Doh, where two brothers are attempting to destroy each other using armies created from their twisted imaginations. Yeah — it’s bizarre.

As out-of-this-world as it may seem, it’s actually a grounded mobile RTS title. The production value and polish of the game are impeccable, the humor rides that fine line between hilarious and horrid, and the action is non-stop. It’s clearly inspired by Clash Royale, but World War Doh has enough new material to set itself apart.

The game revolves around one-on-one PvP battles. Players will unlock and collect various cards as they play, which in turn can be upgraded to improve their effectiveness. If you get tired of watching your troops tear apart the enemy, you can join the fun by taking control of your Commander and hopping into the action. Once you’ve smashed the other combatant into oblivion, World War Doh let’s you flaunt your victory by “choosing from dozens of custom dances.”

Jam City — the developer — has never made an RTS game before. It’s past titles include Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Panda Pop!, and Cookie Jam. Although these apps are vastly different from World War Doh, they all have one thing in common — they’ve been ridiculously successful. The three titles combined have over 100 million installs from the Google Play Store alone, and World War Doh already has over half a million Android installs less than a week after launching.

World War Doh was a game that the studio has wanted to make for a long time. The team says that it’s the “type of game that we, as gamers, have been waiting for, for years.” The game has had a lengthy development cycle, but it seems like all that work will pay off.

In fact, the game already has a professional tournament scheduled for this Spring. If it continues to add exciting new content — while keeping its unique sense of humor — World War Doh just might be around for a long, long time.

World War Doh is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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