Modern Warfare Players Can Now Choose Between Square Or Circle Minimaps

Minimaps have been a point of controversy since beta testing in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, but this is something players can celebrate.

There are a number of video game franchises that feel as if they have the gaming community split. However, no franchise has a “love it or hate it” effect quite like Call Of Duty. Players of the series will defend it to the death, while those who don’t will slam it every chance they get. It might be the most polarizing series in the industry, but could be beaten by Fortnite should the battle royale title ever release a sequel.

What Infinity Ward needs to be careful of is annoying its own fans and inadvertently adding to the group of CoD haters. It may have done that to some degree via a feature included in 2019’s Modern Warfare, or rather the lack of one. During the game’s beta testing, it revealed that the minimap had been removed. It was replaced by a compass indicating the vague direction of which gunfire is coming from.

The minimap is still available in Modern Warfare, but only when activated via Personal Radar and UAV killstreak rewards. Even then, enemies are not shown on the minimap whether firing their weapons or not. It does show the surrounding landscape and teammates, though. What’s more, a change to the minimap made via this week’s Warzone has improved it even more.

Players now have the option of the minimap being square rather than round. That might sound like a pointless feature, but Redditors have worked out it allows for 21.5% more coverage. That’s a pretty significant upgrade. What’s more, in Modern Warfare‘s new Warzone mode, minimaps work like they used to and show enemies as red dots when they fire, so a square minimap with more coverage is most definitely worth it.

The minimap won’t change by itself, but altering it is easily done for anyone who wishes to do so (and why wouldn’t you?). Simply go to options, then general, and then down to HUD. The toggle allowing players to switch between the circular or square minimap will be right there. Get it done and make that map more than a fifth bigger than it was before.

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