Modiphius Announces December Online Gaming Convention MODCon

World-class tabletop gaming creator Modiphius Entertainment recently announced MODCon 2020, an online gaming convention that will be running in conjunction with the United Kingdom’s Dragonmeet convention from December 3-6. Joining these two gaming greats is StartPlaying.Games, a U.S.-based company that provides professional Game Masters and games for tabletop roleplaying game events worldwide.

Well-known YouTuber Guy Sclanders (How to be a Great Game Master) will also be supporting MODCon 2020 with an assembled “great line-up of talent from the role-playing community” who’ll be participating in numerous GM-focused panels. Modiphius has a series of panels in the queue, as well, “including streamed games of the 2d20 Dune and Fallout RPGs with panels covering the latest news on our range of RPGs and miniatures games.”

MODCon will be both a community celebration of the wonderful world of gaming, as well as a chance for new gamers and GMs to finally get into the gaming action in a welcoming and supportive setting. Gaming and GMing will be the two primary activities here, with many of the panels designed to introduce guests to various games, and plenty of open virtual tables for players and GMs to meet and game at.

Each day’s games are currently scheduled to be live-streamed on Modiphius’ Twitch channel, with “MODCon panels start from 7pm UK time each day on the 4th, 5th and 6th December,” and Dragonmeet’s panels running during the day on the fifth. Player and GM sign-ups are being handled via the StartPlaying.Games website, and you’ll need to sign up to the site to be able to login. Dragonmeet games are available now to sign up for, and the info provided tells you who the GM is, how many open gaming seats are left, and the GM’s set price per player per session. Modiphius has yet to announce and open up official MODCon game sign-ups, but when they are open, you’ll just have to select MODCon instead of Dragonmeet from a drop-down menu on the individual game listings.

You can keep an eye on for when further announcements and info get published, or you can sign up to the MODCon newsletter and have the info sent directly to you once it goes live. You can also track more info on the Modiphius and StartPlaying.Games Twitter accounts.

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