Mojang Announce Holiday-Themed Minecraft Dungeons Event, Chills and Thrills

Minecraft has had a long history of celebrating events, whether it’s their over-the-top, April Fool’s Day announcements or their Christmas-present themed chests that roll out for the festive season. Dungeons look to be no different, as Mojang has rolled out the Chills and Thrills event today.

This event will be running from December 18th until December 30th, featuring six winter-themed trials, two modifiers, and invisible mobs. They had to sneak in something less-than-friendly to make up for all the happy-go-lucky, wintery gifts, after all.

Playing through the seasonal events will net three unique, timed rewards: the Arctic Fox armor, the Frost Slayer, and the Shivering Bow. Mojang didn’t go into too much detail on the invisible mob but, if it’s anything like our Clicker from the Caves update, it’s surely going to be a bit on the nightmarish side.

The trials that have been added are fairly interesting—one changes cooldowns on artifacts, one changes chests, and the final features the cursed invisible mob.

To take part, all you have to do is boot up the game and jump right in—it’s not paid, it’s all-inclusive. On top of that, you can jump into the normal Minecraft, or at least the Bedrock / Windows 10 version, and there’s a mini-event running over there too. Logging in each day lets you grab a free item in the store in their daily gifts system, all to celebrate the holidays. If you’ve missed out on previous days, you can nab everything in the backlog too, so you don’t miss out whatsoever.

If the Minecraft Dungeons festive event is anything to go by, maybe it’ll join in on the celebratory fun that other titles like Overwatch partake in throughout the year, whether it’s Easter, summer, Halloween, or whatever else tickles Mojang’s fancy. Hell, maybe they’ll throw in something small for New Years since Chills and Thrills ends only a day prior. Nothing quite like kicking off the start of the next year with some Minecraft Diablo.

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