Monster Hunter Rise: Best Dango To Eat Before Going On A Quest

Taking on a challenging hunt on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster in Monster Hunter Rise. This series has embraced the concept of properly feeding your hunter with delicious meals before setting out into the dangerous world of massive beasts. Each game handles meals differently, however, especially with the latest entry in the series.

This game introduces Dango, which is based on an actual Japanese dessert, as a new food mechanic that can give your character some excellent buffs. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing those cute cats present your food to you? Here are the best dango to eat before going on a quest.

Why You Should Eat Dango In Monster Hunter Rise

Neglecting your body’s needs in Monster Hunter Rise won’t outright kill your character like it can in survival games, but you will be at such a disadvantage that it might as well be a death sentence. Going out on an empty stomach won’t just cost you buffs, but will result in decreased HP and stamina, so order a big dish before each and every hunt.

Dango is made up of three different ingredients you can mix and match for different effects. It doesn’t matter what order you place them in, only which ones you pick. Completing missions will open up more ingredient types for you to add for even more possibilities as you get further into the game. Bear in mind, though, that all dango ingredients only have a chance to give you a bonus, so sometimes you might not get everything you’re hoping for.

If you absolutely need the buffs from a particular meal and can’t risk the chance you won’t get them, you can spend special Dango Tickets to increase the chances of success substantially. Technically it won’t guarantee success, but in most cases will raise the odds enough in your favor to be as close to a sure thing as possible.

Best Dango To Eat In Monster Hunter Rise

The best dango will depend on what type of buffs you need for the upcoming hunt. Sometimes you’ll want to focus on attack, defense, or resource gathering for example, and will want to pick out the dango ingredients that can help in those areas.

For defense, a great recipe you can use early on consists of: Dango Defender, Dango Feet, and Dango Medic. Dango defender has an 85% chance of activating and will occasionally reduce incoming damage, Dango Feet has a 55% activation chance and will help keep your hunter on their feet, and Dango Medic also has an 85% chance of working, making your health items more effective.

For offense, try out a mix of Dizzybloom (50%), Blastlash (70%), and Mint-iature (70%). These have slightly lower odds, but make monsters easier to stun, makes sharpening your weapons faster, and buff your attack and defense temporarily respectively.

Finally, here are a few other great dango you should take a look at when experimenting with your own recipes. There are tons and tons of possible combinations, so get creative and try something new!

  • Sparks – Increases weapon sharpening speed and upgrades your bombs to megabombs.
  • Restorative – Decreases how much stamina you spend doing actions like dodging.
  • Potato – Weakens big monsters.
  • Peep – Makes animaves more likely to approach you.

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