Monster Hunter Rise: How To Increase The Drop Rate Of Rare Items

In Monster Hunter Rise, a big component of the game is carving the monsters defeated and using their parts for armor and weapons. However, these items can vary a lot in their rarity, with very low drop rates for certain items. Some are even exclusive to specific monsters and have ways to increase their drop rate.

The franchise isn’t just hack and slash battles, there’s a lot more to it than that. There are rewards to be gained from knowing which monsters need to be hit in certain places to obtain specific items, carving the right parts, knowing whether it’s better to capture or kill a monster, etc. Here are some of the rarest items you can obtain from monsters and some tips for the best ways to get them to drop in MH Rise.

Goss Harag: Goss Harag Bile

Something that’s very difficult to get to drop from Goss Harag is the Goss Harag Bile, which is used for making Abominable weapons.

  • For a slightly better rate, capture one rather than kill one. Make sure to break its back as well, as that has a higher drop rate than just hitting the body.

Some weapons that require Goss Harag Bile are the Grass Flute, Gossblade I and II, the Kamura Cleaver IV, and the Abominable Lance.

The Night Predator: Narga Medulla

The night predator has a chance to drop something called the Narga Medulla, which is used in making and upgrading the line of Night weapons.

  • For the best possible drop chance, be sure to slay this monster rather than capture it and carve the tail.

Medullas are needed for making the Nargacuga armor set.

Rathalos: Rathalos Ruby

This gem drops from inside the Rathalos and is used in the Rathalos S Set and the Rathalos Coil S.

  • Fighting the Rathalos and capturing it have similar drop rates but there is a slightly higher percentage of items that drop if it’s captured. For the best drop chance, be sure to break its head and wings in battle.

The Rathlos Ruby is required to make the Squawkscythe, Odyssey Blade II, and Wyvern Blade Holly.

Rathian: Rathian Ruby

These gems have some of the lowest drop rates in the game, so to increase your chances make sure to follow these steps.

  • In battle, definitely aim to break its head, capture it if you can, and then carve its tail.

The gems are used to build the weapons Sieglinde and the Wyvern Blade Holly. For armor, they are needed for the Rathian Mail S and to make the actual Rathian S Set.

Bird Wyverns: Bird Wyvern Gem

While bird germs are rare, the good thing about them is that they are not specific to dropping from one monster, so the chance to get one is greater. They come off bird wyverns such as the Aknosom, Great Izuchi, Kulu Ya Ku, and Great Wroggi.

  • The best chance to get one when carving specifically is from the tail of a Pukei-Pukei, which has a four percent drop rate.
  • To get one from breaking a body part, your best bet will be to go for the head of the Great Wroggi, with a twelve percent drop rate.

Some weapons that require bird wyvern gems to make include the Daybreak Cleaver, Kulu Slicer, and Shadow Slasher. For armor, they are used in the Kulu, Pukei, Wroggi, and Baggi S sets.

Soap Dragon: Mizutsune Water Orb

Soap dragon’s most prized drop is this special orb that is formed when the foam from its bubbles fuse with one of its crystalized scales. This material sells for a whopping 8400z. That’s a whole lot of Bunny Dango!

  • For the highest drop chance, break the head, capture it and carve the tail part.

However, before you sell this expensive orb, it’s worth noting that if you want the Mizutsune’s armor, you’ll need one for the actual Mizutsune S Set or for the Mizutsune Greaves S.

Ibuishi: Wind Serpent Orb

Ibushi is one of those monsters that aren’t quite as terrifying to look at as say Khezu but makes something about the way he opens his mouth very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, to get Wind Orb you’ll need to take it on.

  • You’ll need to break the horn for a good drop rate. Make sure to also carve the tail.

This orb is needed to make the Azure Elder Great Sword II and the Azure Elder Long Sword II. You’ll also need it for the Ibushi set and for the Ibushi’s Fauld armor piece.

Various Monsters: Wyvern Gem

The Wyvern Gem is something that drops off several different monsters including but not limited to Tigrex, Royal Ludroth, Diablos, and Barioth. The best drop rates can be obtained by the following methods:

  • Carving the tail of Tigrex and Diablos
  • Carving the scalp of Barroth.
  • Capturing Barroth
  • Breaking the head of Barioth.

Some of the weapons that require one are the Terracutter, Blade of Talos, Jyura Saber, and Chrome Quietus.

Rajang: Beast Gem

When it comes to this material Beast Gem, it’s used in the armor for many different sets but only drops from one specific monster. The beast in question is none other than Rajang, aka the monkey that leaves players salty more often than not. He’s a pretty tricky opponent, but definitely worth the fight for his drops.

  • The best chance to get one is by capturing the Rajang.

Weapons that use Beast Gems are the Anteka Rack, Iced Rabbit, and Arzuros Strikequill. Some armor is the Lagombi Vambraces, the Goss Harag S Set, and the Volvidon set. 

Basarions: Basarios Tears

If you want some Basarios tears you’ll need to get the rocky dragon Basarios to drop some gems from its tear ducts. They are found in the Lava Caverns and Sandy Plains areas.

  • The best chance is to break it on the head and then capture it.

Looking to build the Titanic Makra weapon? Then you’ll need this drop. These gems are also used for making the Basarios Helm S and the actual Basarios S Set.

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