Monster Hunter Rise: How To Unlock And Equip Buddy Skills And Gear

Your buddies aren’t just there to look cute, pick up items, and carry you through the forest. Your Palico and Palamute friends are useful in battle, to heal you, and generally offer support in a tough situation. But that won’t come easily unless you encourage them to be on your side in Monster Hunter Rise.

Palicos and Palamutes can have their behaviour and abilities changed, so you can adapt their tactics before you go into battle, making them more capable in specific situations – as long as you know exactly what you’d like them to aim for.

The Buddy Skills are particularly important, giving your buddies entirely new abilities and factors that can make them survive longer and act more efficiently in a fight, but only if you know how to change them around. In this guide we’re going to break down how you can change and unlock Buddy Skills, in addition to changing your Palamute and Palico behaviour. Just read below for everything you need to know.

How To Change Buddy Behavior

If you visit the Buddy Board you will be able to change the behaviour of your Palamute and Palico friends for when they’re out on a hunt with you. Just select the “Behavior” option.

For Palicos you’ll be able to decide which monsters your felyne will target. You can have it focus on only large monsters, only small, prefer large or small, and finally, you can also have your Palico choose the balanced approach. If you find yourself besieged by monsters in a fight, a preference to fight small monsters can keep them away from you.

Your Palamute has three behaviour options, Basic, Pincer, and Follow. Basic has the mutt stay fairly close to you while attacking, Pincer has it circle around to the back of the monster, and Follow has it close by your side. Basic is good in general, and Follow is good if you want to focus all damage output and attention on a single spot, but Pincer is great if you want your Palamute to help you get behind the monsters you fight.

How To Change And Unlock Buddy Skills

As your buddies level up they will earn Buddy Skills, which you can also change at the Buddy Board. Each skill is worth one to three “memory,” and you can only equip a small amount of memory – three memory for buddies below level ten, four for those above.

You can equip any skills without exceeding the memory limit. Early on your skills will be simple and small buffs to the health and defence of your buddies, but they can end up making them invulnerable to monster roars, or have them assist in weakening your foes. Make sure to keep your buddy skills updated as you progress and level them up.

You should unlock new skills on every fifth level – for example, levels 10, 15, and 20.

How To Equip And Craft Buddy Gear

It’s easy to ignore Buddy Gear for the longest time, but you shouldn’t ignore it. Buddy Gear can be crafted with the scraps from other monsters you’ve hunted, and you can use those scraps to create some great items for your most trusted pals.

You just need to visit the Buddy Smith, who is the small Palico blacksmith that works to the left of Hamon in Kamura Village’s main square. Both of your buddies will each be able to equip a head armour, and a body armour, with some of the designs looking truly fantastic.

Just like your own gear, buddy gear will have attack, defence, and elemental stats attached. If you’re finding a particular monster fight tough, maybe strengthen your buddies with advantageous gear.

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