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Elgado offers dozens of side quests to undertake as you explore this new area in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. As a continuation of the Grueling Training Ground side quest, the Top-Notch Training Tools request will ask you to deliver Rajang Wildpelts.

Delivering these items will allow you to swap level 15 support moves for your Palico, enabling you to customize your hunting buddies even further. Let's take a look at how to complete this request, as well as what the rewards are for doing so.

Top-Notch Training Tools Side Quest

To complete this request, you'll need to deliver two Rajang Wildpelts to Buddy Agent Nagi. As expected, these materials are obtained from Master Rank Rajang. Rajang appears in the following quests after completing the Urgent Quest Witness by Moonlight.

Quest NameQuest TypeMR Requirement
Grabbin' Life by the HornsFollower Quest
  • MR5
Settle the Score!Hub Key Quest
  • MR5
Bombs and BeamsHub Quest
  • MR5
Hard & Soft SupremeHub Quest
  • MR5
With the Power of FriendshipHub Quest
  • MR5
Operation RajangSupport Survey
  • MR5
Trials of Passion and ComposureHub Quest
  • MR6
The Ultimate Fight?Hub Quest
  • MR6
Monkey-Crab Turf WarSupport Survey
  • MR6
Operation Explosive AngerSupport Survey
  • MR6

After accepting one of these quests, you'll have to capture or slay Rajang to obtain its Wildpelt. This material has a 17 percent chance to be obtained from quest rewards, a 33 percent chance to be obtained when capturing the monster, a 30 percent chance to drop from breaking Rajang's left or right arm, a 37 percent chance to carve it from the slain monster, and a 58 percent chance to drop during the quest.

Overall, breaking Rajang's arms and slaying the monster will give you the highest number of chances to obtain Rajang Wildpelts. This material is quite common, but be sure to bring an Ice weapon to the fight, as Rajang is weak to this element.

Top-Notch Training Tools Side Quest – Rewards

After obtaining the Rajang Wildpelts and delivering them to Nagi, you will unlock the ability to swap level 15 support moves for your Palico. This means that you can change the fourth move of your Palico's support moves to one of a different class, allowing you to customize how your Palico supports you during a quest.

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