Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Way To Tackle Village Quests

The Monster Hunter franchise has been more popular than ever and it’s not hard to see why. With both Monster Hunter World and Rise acting a multiple of quality of life features to the core gameplay loop, the series has never been easier to pick up and fall in love with. Monster Hunter is arguably the best it’s been with Monster Hunter Rise finding a balance between the classic style entries and MHW’s mechanical revisions.

The core gameplay in Monster Hunter Rise is split between two mission types: Village Quests and Hub Quests. Village Quests are ostensibly Monster Hunter Rise’s single player and where newcomers can get a feel for the game. While Hub Quests make up the meat of Monster Hunter Rise’s gameplay, don’t neglect Village Quests or the prep time necessary for them.

Eat Before Every Quest

Meals aren’t essential for gameplay (especially for Village Quests which stay on a much lower difficulty curve than Hub Quests), but they offer so many potential buffs for next to no money (or Pointes) that it’s frankly foolish not to take the time to eat a meal before each Quest. Meals in Monster Hunter Rise consist of three Bunny Dango pieces which you can order at the Tea Shop or cook up in a Tent.

Bunny Dango are divided into four types: Powerful Flavors which offer offensive buffs, Determined Flavors which offer defensive buffs, Unusual Flavors which offer an assortment of buffs, and Grandiose Flavors which actually play off the level design. It’s never a good idea to take on a Quest without eating beforehand.

Rearrange Your Inventory

Item management plays a light role in Monster Hunter Rise that can quickly sneak up on inattentive players. Always make sure you’re depositing your inventory after every single Quest, otherwise you’ll be bringing far more items than you actually need. Similarly, the more items in your inventory, the less items that can actually be picked up during gameplay.

Item Boxes can be found in the Village, your Home, and in Quests themselves. Take the time to determine which items are actually necessary and plan accordingly while saving up space for new materials. One of the simplest mistakes a beginner can make is neglecting their inventory.

Ready Up Your Buddies

Although Village Quests are designed around single player, hunters do have access to party members in the form of their Buddies. Players will be bringing along their Palico and Palamute companions on each Village Quest, both of which can be outfitted with new weapons and armor in the village.

Palicoes and Palamutes also learn equippable Skills as they level up, which greatly influence their combat capabilities. While your Palico and Palamute will never be as useful as fellow hunters found online, taking the time to prep your Buddies between missions ensures that you can take on any challenge.

Clear Out Village Quests ASAP

When it comes down to it, Monster Hunter Rise fully expects players to run through their Village Quests first. While the intention is that you’ll also be clearing out Hub Quests along the way, there aren’t as many Village Quests and several are explicitly designed with teaching players core in-game concepts and mechanics.

For newcomers especially, make sure to actually clear out the Village Quests first. It might be frustrating to hold off on multiplayer, but doing the Village Quests ASAP will make you a better player who will be able to pull their weight alongside fellow hunters (while also understanding how to actually play Rise).

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