MultiVersus Rumoured To Be Adding Shared Battle Pass Progression

MultiVersus reportedly had a co-op Battle Pass system in development that would let players link up with a friend once per season to share Battle Pass XP, completing them faster. This was revealed by leaker AisulMV on Twitter along with an in-game breakdown of how the system would work.

"Both players will contribute to the same Battle Pass and the Battle Pass of the player with the least progress will match the others," the description reads (thanks, PushSquare). "If one player has a Premium Battle Pass, both players will share progress on the Battle Pass. Quest Rewards and XP for both players are still awarded."

It's speculated that if one player has the Premium pass but the other doesn't that you'll get the same XP and progress but only the player with the Premium pass will get the Premium rewards. The other will likely get the freebies. According to AisulMV, Battle Pass linking was planned "a bit back" and might come alongside the now-delayed Season One. However, it wasn't featured in the roadmap.

The system looks fairly simple. You have a tab called "Find a Battle Pass partner" where you can search up players to link with. Then, when you've selected a player, you'll send a request that breaks down what the co-op Battle Pass is. This comes alongside the accept and decline buttons and a warning: "The Battle Pass can only be linked once per season", so once you've locked in, you'll have to wait until the next Battle Pass before you can pick someone else.

This was datamined from an earlier build of MultiVersus so it's unclear if we'll see this in Season One, at a later date, or if it was scrapped entirely some time in development. Player First Games hasn't commented on the leaks or mentioned co-op Battle Passes as of yet, so we'll have to wait and see if this is a feature that makes it into the game.

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