MultiVersus Won’t Be Affected By The Warner Bros. And Discovery Merger

MultiVersus won't be affected by the ongoing merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery.

Last year, Warner Bros. and Discovery merged for $43 billion, putting into question what might happen to a number of projects that were in the works at the time. Over the past few days, we've seen the merger finally start to affect things, as the company's CEO David Zaslav is looking to restructure Warner Bros. to focus more on big theatrical releases, leading to Batgirl and Scoob: Holiday Haunt being shelved despite being nearly complete.

This has led many to be concerned about the fate of MultiVersus, a game entirely focused on Warner Bros. properties interacting and fighting with one another. Things only grew more worrying earlier today when it was announced that the first season of MultiVersus, including the release of new fighter Morty, has been indefinitely delayed. Fans quickly took this as a sign that the merger might affect MultiVersus, and that it could be in some kind of trouble, but the game's director, Tony Huynh, has quickly cleared that up.

Following the announcement of the season delay, Huynh simply tweeted, "For those wondering, we are unaffected by the Discovery/Warner Bros. merger", confirming that MultiVersus isn't going to be affected by whatever happens between Discovery and WB. This isn't too much of a surprise considering that most of the big changes seem to be happening to the two companies' approaches to streaming and theatrical releases, but it's comforting to know that MultiVersus is safe.

Reactions to the initial worry that MultiVersus was going to be in some kind of trouble because of the issues with Warner Bros. and Discovery included a lot of worry from the fanbase. One Redditor said, "They really released a warner bros crossover game a week before warner bros started falling apart lol", while another aptly put "fuck".

Thankfully, despite the worry, it looks like we've got nothing to worry about, and the delay to Morty and Season 1 was purely just to do with the quality of the game itself.

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