My Time At Portia Devs Have A New Puzzle Game Coming

Pathea Games, the developer behind My Time at Portia, has announced a new adventure puzzle game called Ever Forward. You play as a young girl who is trapped “somewhere between imagination and reality” and needs to solve puzzles to find her way out. The game will be released in May and will be available on PC through Steam, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The studio has been working on Ever Forward for four years and released the game as a demo called Protoform two years ago. Pathea Games commented that while Protoform’s puzzles were great, they needed to redesign the world outside of the puzzles because it wasn’t “paced very well nor attractive.” Ever Forward is a result of that redesign.

The puzzles are designed with the “puzzle gamer” in mind and a few can be completed in multiple ways to fit different kinds of thinkers. New puzzles can be unlocked by collecting fragments of the young girl’s memories.

Pathea Games is also branching into the multiplayer sports genre with a game called Super BuckyBall Tournament. Players will select unique characters and participate in a physics-based 3v3 sports game set in a cyberpunk universe. The first alpha will launch on August 31 on PC first. The full launch will occur later in 2020 and will be available on the PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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