Need For Speed 2022 Footage Leaks, Shows Cartoon Art Style In Action

A new, still untitled Need For Speed game is reportedly still on track to be here before the end of 2022. EA has yet to offer up an official look at the series' next installment, but a very short clip that surfaced online this week appears to be the first unofficial look at what Need For Speed fans can expect.

The clip circulating on Friday was shared on Reddit and can be found below. It appears to show a car failing to jump through an obstacle with a seemingly unbothered NPC walking behind it, unphased by the fact they were almost squished. However, the biggest takeaway from the leaked clip is the various animations that appear around the car after it bites the dust, or whatever it is that big ring is made of.

The background and the car briefly change color before the footage snaps back to reality and a skull and cross bones appears right above it. A pair of animated wings then briefly extend from each side of the car before all of the animations disappear. This reveal lends itself to the reports earlier this year that the next Need For Speed would be sticking with its photo-realistic style, but also incorporating anime elements.

A hard combination to imagine for what is a very non-anime racing series, and despite its brevity, the clip above does offer up a first look at how exactly those elements will be incorporated. Since the new game was expected to be officially revealed last month, there were fears that its launch may have been pushed. According to insider Jeff Grubb (via VGC), Need For Speed may have been delayed from November to December, but it will still be here before the end of 2022.

Even if EA does achieve that goal, Need For Speed fans have still been made to wait for a new game longer than they have been made to wait for a very long time. It has now been three years since Heat, the last game in the series. The last time there was a three-year gap between Need For Speed titles was 1997.

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