Netflix’s Sonic show has Sonic and rings and what more could we want

The first look at Netflix’s upcoming animated Sonic the Hedgehog show is here. And yup, that sure is the blue hedgehog we know and love! Netflix released a sizzle reel featuring some upcoming animated shows and towards the end, you can see Sonic racing to victory. There are also two images of Sonic and an iconic golden ring don’t reveal much, but it’s just enough to make the excitement of Sonic Prime real.

Image: Netflix

Image: Netflix

Netflix officially announced Sonic Prime last February, and previously leaked concept art revealed an epic multiverse battle for the beloved blue hedgehog. The multiverse is in the zeitgeist now, with movies from this week’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to A24’s Everything Everywhere All At Once taking on the possibility of infinite dimensions. In this case, the multiverse is called the “Shatterverse” and Sonic will find himself meeting alternate versions of both his allies and enemies.

Sonic Prime races to Netflix sometime later this year. If you can’t wait till then, the Sonic the Hedgehog theatrical sequel is still playing in theaters.

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