New Animatic Trailer Details Jane Foster’s Backstory In Marvel’s Avengers

A new animatic trailer has given a first look at Jane Foster in Marvel's Avengers, revealing her costume design and a bit of her backstory.

Following months of rumours about who the next character coming to Marvel's Avengers might be, Square Enix recently confirmed that Jane Foster, otherwise known as The Mighty Thor, would be being added to the game at the end of June.

Despite the confirmation that The Mighty Thor was on her way, we're six days from release and we still haven't seen any gameplay from the character. That being said, Square Enix has just released an animatic that details Jane Foster's backstory in Marvel's Avengers and gives a first look at her design.

The new trailer, titled Out Of Time, reveals that Jane Foster is from another timeline where Asgard has fallen, not due to ice like the gods predicted, but due to fire and blood. In Jane's timeline, Thor never returned from his visit to Earth, meaning that Odin was corrupted and turned into a villain.

Mjolnir then chose Jane Foster to take up the mantle of Thor, but it was too late to stop the war and Odin destroyed Asgard. In flashbacks, Jane's version of the Avengers is shown (although they're mostly just colour-swapped versions of the heroes we know) and it's confirmed that this version of the character also has cancer. Jane says that she made a deal with Loki to get help, which is how she ended up in the Marvel's Avengers universe.

As well as revealing her backstory, we also get to see our first proper look at Jane Foster's design in Marvel's Avengers. One of the more unique elements of this version of the character is that she wears a golden face mask. Her outfit also has a more natural look to it than the traditional version of the character, with fur pauldrons instead of the typical metal. Similarly to other characters, we'll likely see an upgraded modern version of the outfit somewhere in the update.

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