New Bloodborne Glitch Revives Popular Forbidden Woods Skip

Anyone who has ever played Bloodborne has most likely heard of the popular Forbidden Woods skip glitch. After all, upon successfully performing the glitch, a player was able to skip a respectable amount of the game — something which was definitely very useful for speedrunners or players who were struggling with the skipped portion. Over time, however, the glitch was patched out, meaning that it was no longer possible to perform it — until now.

Originally discovered by Twitch streamer GiantCookieJar and later demonstrated by YouTuber Distortion2, the new glitch isn’t exactly the same one that was originally discovered when the game first came out. Instead, the new glitch focuses on clipping through a wall at the very beginning of the game and spawning out of bounds.

Although the newly discovered glitch looks easier to perform, it does require patience because the player needs to get hit by a specific attack. When the game starts, the player will spawn in Iosefka’s Clinic where they will meet a wolf beast that normally kills and spawns them into the Hunter’s Dream. To pull the glitch off, the player needs to lure the beast to the top of the stairs and let the beast perform its grab attack on the left of the staircase.

After getting grabbed by the beast, the trick is to then start mashing the L2 and R2 buttons. According to the YouTube video, the reason why it’s important to mash the two buttons is because “[…] it does a different animation where your character pushes the wolf off of you, and that allows you to actually clip through things.” After clipping through the wall, the player then needs to simply run forward, turn right, and drop down.

The new glitch effectively skips bosses Father Gascoigne, Blood-Starved Beast, and Vicar Amelia. Considering the fact that Bloodborne is five years old now, it’s not immediately clear if a new patch will roll out to fix this glitch specifically. Nonetheless, speedrunners of the game should feel optimistic about such a new speedrunning opportunity.

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