New Dungeons & Dragons Artificer Subclass Lets You Be Iron Man

Last year, Wizards of the Coast brought their iconic Dungeons & Dragons setting Eberron into the newest edition to the game, along with the long-awaited character class, the Artificer. Now, they have released a new subclass for the Artificer for playtesting. The subclass is the Armorer, and it lets players explore the world of Eberron in what amounts to a fantasy Iron Man suit.

The content was published on the official D&D website as Unearthed Arcana. That means it’s formatted like the official content in Wizards books, is designed by D&D designers, but is still in the playtesting phase. Players are invited to download the Armorer, and its accompanying Unearthed Arcana, with hopes that they’ll submit feedback to Wizards before the subclass is added to official material.

While some Artificer subclasses are based around potions, magic guns, or having a cool metal dog, the Armorer focuses on, well, armor. Specifically, it allows artificers to wear heavy armor, then turn that armor into a magically-powered Iron Man suit with an action. The armor stays attached to the artificer, and they can use it as a magic focus to cast spells. Players can even choose from a couple different models: a heavy front line design that can project a defensive field and deal damage with magically enhanced fists or a subtler design that lets you move more freely and shoot blasts of lightning from your hands or chest.

With some free spells that ensure that you always have magic missiles and lightning bolts at the ready, along with a variety of shields and defenses, the Armorer subclass ensures that you have a wide variety of magical tricks in your suit. The wide variety of defensive spells mean that this subclass can take Artificers from absent-minded professors to front-line geniuses.

However, this new subclass doesn’t limit the artificer’s “magical inventor” archetype to just having a cool suit of armor. Just like Tony Stark, you can add gadgets and gizmos to your armor. Artificers can add magical effects via infusions to different parts of their armor, and can even get more infusions than other Artificers to enhance their suit to its maximum potential.

Since the Armorer subclass is playtest content, it may change after player feedback, and could look different if and when it is officially published. In the meantime, players can test out this cool new addition to the Artificer class.

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