New Nintendo Switch Pro Leak Claims Console Will Be Here By Friday And Cost €399

A leaked retail listing for the still unannounced Nintendo Switch Pro suggests you’ll be able to order the console as soon as this Friday.

Although rumors that the Switch is getting a more powerful younger sibling have been doing the rounds for a while, they have really been kicked into gear this last week. Leaked listings and new information showing up on pretty much a daily basis suggests that an official announcement will be here imminently. The latest breadcrumbs come courtesy of French publication Centro.

Centro claims to have verified a retail listing revealing that sales for the console will go live on Friday, June 4, 2021. It also has the console priced at €399 which is roughly €70 more than the regular version of the console retails for across most of Europe. That also lines up with an earlier report from Bloomberg claiming the Switch Pro will cost $100 more than a normal Switch.

Centro has a pretty good track record when it comes to revealing information that is yet to have been officially announced. It previously reported on the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes before the games were unveiled during the Pokemon Presents earlier this year. There isn’t long to wait to find out whether this Switch leak is also accurate with the reported listing set to go live by the end of the week.

During what is gearing up to be the biggest period of the year for the video game industry, some might question why Nintendo wouldn’t hold onto its big news until E3. It is being a little too quiet about what it has planned with less than two weeks to go. According to the aforementioned Bloomberg report, the thinking behind this is announcing the Switch Pro beforehand will allow developers to showcase what their games are capable of on the more powerful console at E3.

Despite all of the information leaked about the Switch Pro, we still know literally nothing about it for sure. It might not even be called the Switch Pro. That’s just what it has been dubbed by the press. If the rumors are true, it will have a seven-inch screen, increased battery life, and will support Nvidia’s DLSS.

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