New Pokemon Snap: How To Get Behind The Waterfall In Founja Jungle (Night)

After running through Founja Jungle (Night) at least once, Professor Mirror will point out an alternate route behind the waterfall in the main section. Unfortunately, figuring out how to open this route isn’t very easy.

Once you reach the route behind the waterfall, you’ll quickly realize that Liepard is blocking the path to get there. This is the Liepard who lounges on the rock on your left after you pass the ancient ruins. There is also a Morelull beside it, as well as two Pikipek.

If you’re wondering how to unlock the alternate route behind the waterfall in New Pokemon Snap, you’re in luck – here’s our comprehensive Founja Jungle (Night) waterfall route guide, which also includes details about what you’ll find once you make your way past Liepard.

How To Get Behind The Waterfall In Founja Jungle (Night) In New Pokemon Snap

Getting behind the waterfall in Founja Jungle (Night) is actually a lot easier than some of the other alternate route puzzles in New Pokemon Snap. You don’t need to do a whole interaction chain or observe any incredibly specific details to get past Liepard – in fact, all you really need to do is use one mechanic.

Here are the steps for unlocking the alternate waterfall route in Founja Jungle (Night).

  • Get Founja Jungle (Night) to research level two.
  • Run through the map just like you normally would until you reach the ancient ruins section. As usual, you’ll start ascending the long branch that serves as a bridge to the final section of the map, which is where the waterfall route is located.
  • If you’re too slow, Professor Mirror will point out that there’s an alternate route, allowing you to scan an environmental prompt that mentions that there appears to be a way to go behind the waterfall.
  • In order to successfully unlock the route, you need to play music as soon as you see Liepard. This will cause the two Pikipek sleeping beside it to wake up and fly away. Once this happens, Liepard lazes about for a little bit longer before eventually getting up and moving. Now that Liepard is out of the way, the route behind the waterfall is open, allowing you to divert the NEO-ONE’s course and finally get in behind the waterfall.

There are a few Pokemon on this route. Leafeon will come with you regardless of which path you take if you bring it through the map with you. Other than that, there’s a Wooper here and a bunch of Morelull. There are also two sleeping Swampert, which will finally allow you to get a photo of the illustrious Gen 3 starter evolution that features more than just its weird fish ears. Do fish have ears?

Throw a fluffruit at Swampert and it will briefly open its eyes, although it won’t wake up properly. Fortunately, we’ve also got a guide on how to wake up Swampert in New Pokemon Snap.

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