New Video Shows Off Cyberpunk 2077 Tyger Claws Gang

Given the aesthetic of Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world literally fueled by financial greed, industrial manipulation, and transhuman integration, the Tyger Claws seemingly run away with these themes. Saddled over the Westbrook turf of Night City, also known as “Japan Town,” the Tyger Claws gang is the equivalent of a futuristic Yakuza. With ties to Arasaka, one of Cyberpunk’s many multibillion-dollar corporations fueling the corruption and militant mindsets of Night City, the gang itself is as well-equipped as it is lethal. For reference, Arasaka is well-known for its highly advanced security personnel, among other valuable (and deadly) products. Night City was once even coined “Arasaka-ville” before the corporate wars, proof of the company’s immense influence.

As Madqueen relates in her video, quoting a Night City police department profile of the gang: “The Tyger Claws are as deadly as armed corporate guards or the city police. The average skill in combat of a member of this booster gang is one of a veteran; they are well-prepared and trained by the best of the best.” Given CDPR’s Australian censorship woes, it’s clear the game will be a no-holds-barred production with plenty of complicated and delicate topics embedded into its core. Ruthlessly violent and potentially under the payroll of Night City’s most prominent corporation, the Tyger Claws will prove to be among many other interesting and complex pieces of reality imbued into Cyberpunk.

The Tyger Claws join the ranks of various other factions in Cyberpunk, from the Voodoo Boys to the Valentino’s. They were even featured and teased in a limited edition poster, which is only available on European-based CDPR stores, so they aren’t new to the Cyberpunk space. The artist of the featured image himself, Deathburger, even teased the gang’s existence in the steelbook art posted on Instagram nearly eight months ago, though back then it could have meant anything.

Now, though, it could mean everything. With the reality of Cyberpunk’s multiplayer mode on the near-horizon, available well into 2021, the potential importance of these gangs becomes ever-clearer. What if players, much like in the single-player offshoot, must decide which gang they most closely align with early on? The year-long wait for the online competitive mode will only be fueled with more speculation than answers.

Though the game has been delayed until September, the anticipation and excitement for Cyberpunk 2077 remain at an all-time technological high. In that time, it might be best to decide if you’re just another outsider or a Tyger Claw at heart.

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