Next Sony acquisition is a 'big' one claim insiders as PSVR2 reveal postponed

Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller has given an update on the three Sony rumours he predicted for this week, one of which he now says is false.

This week was supposedly going to be a big one for Sony, if certain rumours were to be believed. While it did announce its new plans for PlayStation Plus (which had been speculated on for months), nothing else has really happened.

At the beginning of the week, Kinda Funny co-founder Greg Miller tweeted that he had heard of three Sony related rumours, ones which warranted him delaying the next episode of Kinda Funny’s PlayStation podcast.

In today’s Kinda Funny Games Daily podcast, Miller began by addressing those rumours and going into more detail on what they were. The first, unsurprisingly, was for the PlayStation Plus news.

The second was something to do with PlayStation VR2, potentially a new showcase, but Miller says this turned out to be ‘smoke and mirrors’. GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb, who also appeared on the show, says he did some research into how this rumour started, but didn’t extrapolate any further.

As for the third rumour, it was to do with another studio acquisition, one both Miller and Grubb have heard from multiple people. The only thing they’ve been told is that it’s a ‘big’ one, although whether it’s Microsoft buying Activision style big is another question entirely.

Sony acquiring more studios is certainly believable. This year alone, it’s already bought Canadian studio Haven (which is working on a PlayStation 5 exclusive live service) and Destiny studio Bungie, spending £2.7 billion on the latter.

In the wake of the Bungie buyout, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan even admitted that ‘We are by no means done,’ all but confirming that it will be adding more studios to its roster of first parties.

Who Sony could be targeting next is anyone’s guess, but its previous acquisitions have mostly been smaller studios that it already had close working relationships with, like Returnal developer Housemarque and the aforementioned Haven.

Compare this to Microsoft, which has spent ludicrous amounts of money buying Activision (£50 billion!) and ZeniMax Media and all of its studios, like Bethesda and id Software.

Without further information it’s hard to even guess who Sony might be after, as there are few independent studios left that are the size of Bungie, beyond CD Projekt and Japanese studios such as PlatinumGames and Kojima Productions.

Sony can afford them but whether they have the sort of money needed to acquire, say, Square Enix or Ubisoft is difficult to tell, and it all depends on how ‘big’ big is.

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