Ni No Kuni 2: How To Recruit Sin-Gul For Evermore

Part of the gameplay of Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom sees you building and running your brand new kingdom of Evermore, and you can recruit new citizens from all around the world to join your newly established kingdom. However, most of these NPC characters require that you complete a task for them first before they’re willing to join you.

One of the NPCs that you can recruit is Sin-Gul, who has the Singularity Skill that offers the following: Experience gained from traveling through time that can boost any and all facilities. Here’s everything you need to do to recruit Sin-Gul to Evermore.

A Man of Many Names

Sin-Gul’s quest “A Man of Many Names” must be completed in order to recruit him for Evermore. This quest can be started after completing Chapter 9, and Sin-Gul can be found in Capstan-upon-Hull, on the southern pathway leading out of town, as shown above.

To complete the quest, you must discover Sin-Gul’s full name and tell him it. This involves traveling around the world and speaking to certain NPCs to discover each portion of Sin-Gul’s full name, however, for those who want to cut to the chase, you need to select the following answers in this order:

  • Donwaribihapi
  • Tstaykenmayt
  • Haoozbiznis
  • Sbinawile
  • Watsamata

After correctly telling Sin-Gul his full name, you will be rewarded with 9,650 Experience Points, 3,810 G, 1 x Great Sage’s Secret, and Sin-Gul will join as a citizen as Evermore.

Discovering Sin-Gul’s Name

If you want to find out Sin-Gul’s full name the legitimate way, below is every NPC that you need to speak to and their location:

  • Musical Sky Pirate in Cloudcoil Canyon, on the northeastern side of Sidewinder Gorge.
  • Musical Man in Goldpaw, to the left of the inn.
  • Musical Girl in Hydropolis‘s Kardia Square.
  • Musical Old Fellow in Broadleaf, north of the Dome Park.
  • Musical Lady in Ding Dong Dell, standing in front of the path leading to the Old Well.

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