Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors: Beginner Tips

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  • Replay To Get All The Endings
  • Take Your Time
  • Interact With Everything
  • Think Outside The Box
  • Avoid Spoilers At All Costs
  • Don't Search Possible Endings Beforehand
  • Play The Sequels

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors first came out in 2009. Since then, players across the world have participated in the Nonary Games. As the first game in the Zero Escape trilogy, we are introduced to a large cast of characters and unique escape room puzzles.

If you have never played a Zero Escape game, the puzzles in 999 can be quite difficult. Fortunately, we are here to help you get the hang of things. In this guide, we are going to take a look at some beginners tips for making your way through 999.

Replay To Get All The Endings

Firstly, it's important to know that 999 does not end once you get an ending; there are multiple endings that work together. Because of this, it's important to play through the whole game a few times, so you unlock several endings. There is a 'true' ending, but you probably won't achieve it on your first try. This is okay though because the other endings will provide helpful insight into the story.

Older versions of the game did not include a flowchart but now, we have access to a spoiler-free flow chart, so you can see a route to each possible ending. Don't forget to look at this chart! When you play for the first time, this chart may look a bit confusing, but as you progress further in the game, it will begin to make sense.

The other two games in the Zero Escape trilogy utilize a flowchart of the timeline as well.

Take Your Time

More often than not, puzzles are not timed. When you first start the game and are trapped inside a flooding room, you will be told to escape quickly before the room floods. This isn't actually timed, so you will be able to explore and get the hang of the game without feeling rushed.

If a situation is not timed, it's okay to take your time and think through what is going on. It's best to be composed and have time to think, rather than rush through a room to get to the next part of the story.

Interact With Everything

If you have ever done an escape room in real life, you know that every little thing has the potential to be a clue. This is true for 999 as well. When you are in a room, try to interact with everything that you see.

At times, the item you interact with is simply useless, but sometimes you may stumble upon a new clue.

Certain items in a room may also prompt a comment from another character, who has a chance to provide helpful information.

Think Outside The Box

As you search for an escape, it's important to think outside the box. Each room is designed to pose an interesting and unique method of escape. The escape is more than just searching for a key among a pile of junk.

If you are thinking of a strange solution, give it a try! Who knows, it may be the way out of the room. You are not penalized for pursuing any promising leads that turn out to be a dead end.

Avoid Spoilers At All Costs

All three games in the Zero Escape trilogy place a huge emphasis on the story. Because of this, we highly recommend not searching for any character. This could lead to spoilers that will create a less impactful experience. Even if you are just searching for a voice actor, you may run into spoilers.

Overall, try to stay off the wiki for 999. While you may think it's good to have background knowledge, everything you want to know will eventually reveal itself.

Don't Search Possible Endings Beforehand

As mentioned above, there are multiple endings. For a completely immersive experience, it's best not to search for the endings. For example, if you get a 'bad' ending, we don't recommend searching for the true ending on YouTube. This will also create a less impactful experience. 999 is best experienced without any guides or route walkthroughs to get different endings.

If you are really struggling to get a different ending, don't forget to look at the flowchart! If you have to make a decision at any point, try picking a different answer and seeing if it creates another route.

Play The Sequels

Lastly, play Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma. These are the following games in the trilogy, all involving escape room puzzles and a unique cast of characters. Remember to not do any searching for the characters beforehand, this could lead to some unfortunate spoilers.

All three games are available on PC, Playstation, and Xbox, with the first two games being sold as a bundle.

That's all there is to know about beginner's tips for 999. Get out there and start solving some escape room puzzles!

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