Ninja Tries To Make Point About Gaming, Gets Meme’d On Instead

It has only been one week since Ninja posted his controversial stance on anger in video games, yet so many wonderful memes have already birthed from the tweet. His original statement attacks the phrase, “it’s just a game,” emphasizing the importance of not being okay with losing.

If we’re being honest, Ninja’s attempted point is decent – do not accept defeat, persevere, persist, and grow from loss. However, he worded his Twitter post about as poorly as anyone could’ve. The syntax draws the attention to “getting angry” as a necessary step, which caused plenty of push-back – and understandably so.

However, the most meme-able aspect of the tweet is its big “I’m-the-Ghandi-of-gaming” energy. The overall tone that Ninja tends to carry is a bit self-important, especially considering his history with bizarre critiques of (and comparisons to) athletes.

Again, Ninja certainly has a point regarding pride in one’s craft and intellectual laziness from others – but yet again – the wording implies that he is the “Lebron James” or “Tom Brady” of gaming. Unfortunately for Ninja, that is some ripe content for memeing, and boy oh boy did the internet notice.

There is a beautiful array of responses in the Twitter thread alone, enough to keep anyone busy for hours.

However, the art that came about from Ninja’s words didn’t end there, as the entire tweet took the form of a “copy-pasta” that began appearing in various places. Take, for instance, the latest Apex Legends Twitch Rivals tournament. Multiple times through the competition, Twitch users flamed the chat with Ninja’s tweet. Users also began adapting the statement to fit other purposes.

In this case, not using the word “anger,” not framing himself as the god of gaming, and not making bad analogies between gaming and sports would’ve gone a long way for the Mixer streamer. Really, a few adjustments, in general, could certainly help Ninja get his serious points across to larger audiences. But until then, the memes are pretty good right now, not going to lie.

Honestly, this may be the tip of the iceberg, so keep an eye out for plenty of more variants to come. Hopefully, Ninja himself can find some humor in the jokes, because at the end of the day: it’s just a meme.

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