Nintendo Direct Confirms Skyward Sword HD And Master Sword Joy-Cons

It doesn’t look like The Legend of Zelda is getting a 35th-anniversary bundle like Mario did which is certainly unfortunate but, on the bright side, Skyward Sword HD – not the original – is headed to the Nintendo Switch with Joy-Con motion control and button support.

You can play it with or without the swinging of your Joy-Con but there are also themed Zelda Joy-Cons releasing to celebrate its release. It’s not quite a console ala Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury or even Monster Hunter but it’s certainly something all the same.

What’s more, the port isn’t of the original as some feared. Rather, it’s the HD Wii U version. Perhaps, given Skyward Sword’s arrival to the Switch, the other HD games from the Wii U will get similar treatment. Skyward Sword is launching this year on July 16, so it’s not too far away.

The Joy-Cons are blue with Zelda decals to boot and a neat gradient, feeling right at home with the aesthetic of Skyward Sword. However, while Skyward Sword is headed to the Switch, Nintendo did not have any news to share as of now about the Breath of the Wild sequel. That being said, it did state that development is going smoothly, so perhaps we’ll find out more about the sequel in the coming year and, if we’re lucky, see a release before 2022.

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