Nintendo Says Having Non-Binary Pokémon Would Be "Awesome"

“My kid wrote a letter to Nintendo and they wrote back,” Slate said on Twitter, showing off a letter where a representative, Liz Daniels, stated that it would be “awesome” to have non-binary Pokémon appear in-game.

“In your letter, you asked us to make non-binary Pokémon,” it opened, “I think that is an awesome idea. There are so many varieties of Pokémon, so it would make sense to have a variety of genders as well! We want to make sure people of all kinds feel welcome and comfortable while playing our games.

“I’ll send your feedback to the appropriate departments to review and thoughtfully consider. Thank you again for sending us this letter.” The sentiment and acceptance are certainly there, but whether it ever comes to fruition in the higher echelons of Nintendo when developing the next main outing remains to be seen.

However, if Nintendo did in fact include a non-binary Pokémon in its next game, it wouldn’t be the company’s first instance of doing something of that nature. Back in 2019, it introduced Blanche in Pokémon Go, a non-binary team leader.

Blanche used they/them pronouns, while the blog posts revolving around their announcement specifically referred to them by just that, ‘their.’ Pronouns are indicative of a person’s gender, and they/them are used by people who identify as non-binary.

What’s more, Blanche means ‘white’ which is the color of the trans flag that represents non-binary people. That was around two years ago now, while Sword and Shield dropped in 2019 to boot, so perhaps, in whatever comes next, we’ll get even more representation amidst the land of cute pocket monsters. For now, Legends Arceus and the Diamond/Pearl remakes are set to launch on January 28, 2022, and November 19, 2021, respectively.

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