Nintendo Switch ‘Concierge’ Launches Personalized Gaming Recommendations And More

The Nintendo Switch is close to turning four years old, and given the console’s massive success, it’s no surprise Nintendo is growing increasingly supportive of its ecosystem. It sounds like Nintendo intends to continue to make the Switch a premium experience too, with the launch of its Nintendo Concierge service.

While the Switch continues to edge closer to Wii sales numbers, largely in part due to Nintendo’s vast library exclusives, gamers can often be frustrated by some of the company’s choices and policies regarding their services and treatment of its users. Despite Switch Online being a big source of frustration for many gamers, that won’t stop Nintendo from offering improvements in other areas for more casual users.

One of those is the recently launched Nintendo Switch Concierge, a service that for now will be exclusive to users in the United States which aims to bring 1-on-1 scheduled consultations with Nintendo representatives in order to enhance customers’ Switch experience. Nintendo’s site describes the fairly simple process in which user are invited try the Concierge in 4 simple steps: 1) pick a topic; 2) choose a date and time for the appointment; 3) confirm the appointment after receiving an email from Nintendo; and 4) connect with a Nintendo representative via video chat.

The areas of expertise in which users can ask for help from Nintendo are the following: Nintendo Switch 1010, Games (getting started), Games (what to play next), Security and Privacy, Nintendo Account and Customization. Though Nintendo Switch Concierge is completely free, the site does say it’s intended for people that “recently purchased a Nintendo Switch System” and does not provide any clarification on what exactly qualifies as recent.

Even if crafty experienced gamers or Nintendo fans will hardly have any use for the Nintendo Switch Concierge, newcomers -especially parents- will certainly make the best of it whenever they need to solve tasks like switching primary Nintendo accounts between different consoles, transferring save data and, of course, getting brand new game suggestions. The latter will be incredibly useful considering Nintendo has a single first-party game for 2021, at least in their current official schedule.

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