Nintendo Switch Passes GBA In Sales, Coming for Wii Next

There seems to be a battle between Nintendo’s own creations at present – with the latest console, the Switch, battling it out with other giants in the league, such as the Wii. The Switch recently passed the Game Boy Advance in all-time sales, and is now gaining on the Wii to take the third spot in highest Nintendo console sales.

Now we all love gaming – that’s why you’re here reading about video games. Gaming can be diverse in its own way – you have several consoles in the market providing different experiences. However, no one can argue against the fact that Nintendo represents our childhood, with a game list consisting of everything we used to love, from Super Mario to Zelda. It brings this experience in a much more refined manner, and on a sleek handheld device, which brings not only looks good, but brings functionality as well.

The Switch also broke another record in 2021, recording the most sales in a January since the Nintendo Wii back in 2010 – an impressive feat for the portable console. Matt Piscatella tweeted about the feat achieved by the Switch, as he also gave credit to a general increase in video game hardware at the start of 2021.

The Coronavirus situation has everyone locked in their homes, and what better way to spend free time than playing video games? The Switch has plenty of great games you can play, with its library expanding by the day. We even have Apex Legends on the console, and here are some of the best things about playing it on the Switch compared to a PlayStation or Xbox. It’s not a coincidence that the Switch is seeing such a boost in sales, even outselling the PS5 and Xbox Series X in past weeks. It brings a unique playing experience that you can’t experience in any other console in the market.

With the nostalgic games, and an overall different experience when compared to other consoles, the Switch can definitely be considered a fan favorite without any doubt. Nintendo just needs to keep their content fresh and consistent, along with bringing more third-party games to the console as well – all of which will certainly push it even further.

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